Brad Pitt will be fighting with Angelina for joint custody of his 6 Kids


It is sad to know that the beautiful couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are heading towards divorce and the first initiative was taken by Angelina who said she is frustrated to be with Brad now.

As per the reports by a source in which Brad tells a leading daily, “Angelina is dreaming if she thinks she can take his kids away from him. We broke the story, Angelina wants sole physical custody of the children … she wants a judge to give him visitation, but that’s it.”

Angelina on the other hand claims that Brad Pitt is a heavy alcohol drunker and he may pose threat to the kids.

Moreover the source added, “Pitt wants joint custody … he doesn’t want to interfere with Angelina’s ability to be a co-parent, but he won’t allow her to thwart him.”