Book of fortune creates history in Sunny Leone’s show: MTV Splitsvilla 8

Today’s episode  was tad different from the rest as a lot happened. Many connections were tested and towards the end of it all, history was made. We will tell you all about it. Now, to avoid getting dumped, it is a ritual to go on a date with the Queen and the King to convince them why they are ought to be here.


Today, too the girls were ready for the dates when they got the chance to shop things from an eCommerce website. They did and went for a date with Prince. Thankfully, this time it wasn’t in a pool as we were bored of the same place.
It looked beautiful too with the ladies, Sana, Auki and Subuhi waiting for the King. Prince entered and gifts everyone a rose. The boy surely knows how to make girls blush. Anuki anyway was sold out on him long back and he has a soft corner for Sana. Subuhi is the only one who was still making connections and as was expected, Prince and Subuhi went to the secret room.

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Ishan in the villa was restless as he wasn’t really ecstatic about Subuhi and Prince being in a secret room. So the minute she returned, he went to her room to know what’s going on.
Subuhi didn’t give him much information but it was clear to him that she is here to play games and so he will too. ABOUT TIME! Next day, boys went on a date with Karishma, the Queen. Being a straight forward person, Karishma didn’t really beat around the bush and asked everyone what they wanted. Ishan was in two minds what to do but later decided to play the game. Utkarsh was focused on Sanaa despite her not being around and was pretty clear he wants to win the game only with her. Zaan and Karishma bonded better and they went to the secret room for, as Karishma said, to scheme and plot.

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