BJP MLA Anil Gote demands Bharat Ratna for Rajinikanth

Maharastra BJP MLA Anil Gote demands ‘Bharat Ratna’ for the blockbuster movie star Rajinikanth.

He also demanded that Rajinikanth be awarded the Maharashtra Bhushan, the highest civilian award of the state.

Rajinikanth was born in Kolhapur, Maharastra and to this Anil Gote said, “The Maharashtra Bhushan should be awarded to superstar and ‘son of the soil’ Rajinikanth. He is from Kolhapur.”

Rajinikanth was born Shivaji Gaikwad in Kolhapur district of Maharashtra.

Whenever any films of Rajinikanth is released his fans have treated him like a God and pour milk on his huge posters.

Most amazingly Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have mostly released their films on Holidays but in case of Rajinikanth, his film forced MNCs to declare holiday.

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