Bigg Boss 9:Watch Video HUGE fight of Mandana Karimi with Prince Narula and Rochelle Maria Rao!

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You all know Mandana was not feeling well yesterday and hence she did not actively participate in the Shararati Bachche task. Today when she was to turn into the kid and Kishwer’s team was to take care of her, she will suddenly became alright and she will start jumping and playing all around the house causing chaos for the day care centre staff.

Prince will feel that Mandana was acting fake and will pass a comment about her.

This will not go well with her and she will abuse Prince. This will not go down too well with Prince even and things will escalate so much that captain Suyyash Rai will have to come in between and stop the duo from fighting.

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Later on, Mandana will have a huge fight with her good friend Rochelle Maria Rao too. The two girls had just recently become good friends, but during the task, Mandana will accuse Rochelle of physically hurting her. Rochelle will try to defend herself, but Mandana will keep fighting and the war of words will reach aN all time high!