Bigg Boss 9: Watch Suyyash Rai and Prince Narula get into a nasty verbal spat!


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Bigg Boss has an interesting way of instantly changing equations between people through challenging situations created in the house. Suyyash and Prince’s relationship is set to get soured due to the luxury budget task called Shararati Bachche. Suyyash will be the truant kid while Prince will be his caretaker. Prince will try and change his ‘kid’ Suyyash’s diaper, which will enrage Suyyash no end. Suyyash will go on a rant about how Prince is getting physical with him and hence breaking the rules of house.

There will be a lot of fighting and yelling between the two, much to the disturbance of the housemates. Digangana in a bid to calm the two down will start singing abruptly. But, nothing will help as both Suyyash and Prince are in no mood to listen. Even Rishabh tries to barge in the conversation but no avail as the two continue to fight.