Bigg Boss 9: The Bigg Boss Dairy task was won by Prince Narula !


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Yesterday, the luxury budget task for this week, Bigg Boss Dairy, started and he was made the captain of Team Orange. Team Orange consisted of Prince Narula, Rishabh Sinha, Kanwaljeet Singh and Rochelle Maria Rao, while Team Blue, captained by Rimi Sen, also consisted of Mandana Karimi, Priya and Suyyash Rai. Kishwer Merchantt was named the supervisor of the task.


The task was simple. They had to collect the most amount of milk, while the other team had to stop them. We revealed to you how many controversies broke out during the task and also how Rimi Sen gave a few milk packets and stickers of her team to him.

Today, the amount of milk each team collected will be measured at the end of the task and Team Orange will be declared as winners! Prince Narula’s leadership was on display during the task and under his leadership his team flourished.