Bigg Boss 9: Suyyash Rai, the new CAPTAIN of the house!


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Bigg Boss will announce a sudden task. What is it? The housemates will be told that three people will fight it out for the captainship tonight, but the three people will be decided in a unique way. What is that? The first three people to enter the confession room after the announcement finishes, will face a task for deciding the next captain of the house.


A mad dash to the confession room will ensue and it is Suyyash Rai, Rochelle Maria Rao and Prince Narula who enter the confession room first. The three will then be put to a colourful task.

Why colourful? Well, coz it actually involves colour.

The three contestants will be given a shield and they will have to protect themselves from the colour that the housemates throw at them. It will be like a game of paintball where the housemates will throw balls of paint, while the contestants will protect themselves with the shield. The contestant with the least colourful clothes after the task will be crowned the captain.

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The game will start and while initially all the three will be pelted with colour, Suyyash will get a hang of using the shield and he will win the task.

Bigg Boss will announce that Suyyash is the new captain of the Bigg Boss house and everyone will rejoice after a fun-filled task.