Bigg Boss 9: Suyyash Rai takes REVENGE from Rochelle Maria Rao and Prince Narula!

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Suyyash will start plotting his next move to make himself the top contender of the game. But, what he will do to his competitors for the captain’s task will astonish you.


If you remember, some housemates were forced to sleep without their beds last week. Today again, Suyyash will be asked to nominate two most disobedient members of the Bigg Boss house who do not follow the rules. And while everyone, including us thought he would nominate Rishabh Sinha and Mandana Karimi (they broke so many rules of the Bigg Boss house last week), he in fact will nominate his competitors from the task in the morning, Prince and Rochelle.

So, now Prince and Rochelle will have to sleep on the floor as their beds will be taken away. But why did Suyyash nominate them?

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While we don’t know the exact reason, we just feel he wanted to take revenge from them. Why? We also don’t know till now. After being pelted with paint, Prince and Rochelle will sleep on the floor, while the other members who lost their beds last week will get them back now.