Bigg Boss 9: Sonam Kapoor to join co-star Salman Khan on the show!

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Three weeks later, Sonam will again be seen on the show to promote PRDP with her co-star Salman Khan.

We hear that she is already on the sets and after today’s episode is shot, she and Salman will shoot for Sunday’s episode on which she will appear. The first appearance was a small one, but this time we hear that both the actors will promote their film on a bigger scale than last time. However, we aren’t sure if they will enter the house or not.


We think they will have a chat with the contestants, but not more than that.

They will do a dance performance and thodi masti and dialogue-baazi before Sonam leaves.

The Bigg Boss house went through a huge shock yesterday night as Keith had to leave a show after his brother’s sudden demise. While the contestants don’t know what has happened, many of them were sad when he left the house. Today, Salman will address them but we aren’t sure if he will reveal anything to them or not as rules need the contestants to know nothing of the outside world.

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