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Bigg Boss 9: Shocking! Suyyash Rai made Rs 40000 by having SEX

Its a very shocking news to know which is recently revealed by the Bigg Boss 9 contestant Suyyash that he was having sex with a hot aunty to make Rs 40000. Watch this video to know how he made this much money when he was in his struggling to make a place in the industry.


He was a struggling model who came to Mumbai to make a career in Bollywood. He lived in a rented apartment with a few friends, while looking out for modelling and TV assignments. However, the world is cruel for struggling actors as they have to spend a lot of money to look good and stay fit. Suyyash had to spend a lot of money too and when money ran out before the month ends, he did a few things that he wished he never had. Or did he?

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The stud was a part of Splitsvilla 2 and on the show he confessed that he had sex for money. He said, “During my struggling days, I felt ashamed to ask more money from my parents. So to earn money I used to have sex with women. Once, I had got Rs 40000 for having sex with a hot aunty.”

And a very startling way to make money. Well that’s the life of a few struggling actors and models who have not made it big in B-town. How would have Kishwer reacted when she heard this? We hope at least Kishwer knows about it and it not a revelation for her too!


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