Bigg Boss 9: Salman Khan said no nomination in the show this week!

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Every week we see the contestants vote for their least favourites to be evicted out of the house.However, there is a twist in the nominations procedure this week. This week there won’t be any voting procedure. So will there be no eliminations this week? Nah, one contestant will be eliminated this week but the procedure will be different.

The performance of the contestants in the luxury budget task ‘Shararati Bachche’ will decide their fate. The task, which will start tonight and go on till tomorrow, will give us the nominees of this week. After that, the viewers can vote to save their favourite contestant and one person will be eliminated on Sunday.

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I guess this twist is a great way to motivate the contestants to perform better as their survival in the house is at stake this time around, especially Rimi Sen. But there is one more twist! The next captain will also be determined from this task.