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Bigg Boss 9: Rishabh Sinha asks Mandana Karimi for a KISS, Watch video

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The luxury budget task is titled, “Shararati Bache” and the contestants will be divided into two teams. Team A will consist of Kishwer Merchantt, Rishabh Sinha, Rochelle Maria Rao and Prince Narula. They have to behave as naughty kids during the task, while Team B consisting of Mandana Karimi, Aman Verma, Digangana Suryavanshi and Suyyash Rai have to work as a day care centre’s staff who have to take care of these naughty children.

The task is simple. The day care centre staff has to take care and help discipline the naughty children without losing their patience, while the children don’t have to listen to them and to see to it that the staff loses their cool. The naughty children can do anything that they want.

Rimi Sen will be the moderator of the task and even if the staff lose their patience, the task will go on. The moderator will keep a track of the number of time the staff lost their cool.

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One of the two teams will win the luxury budget task and that will determine the nominations for this week as well as the new captain of the house.

The kids will have to be feed by the hands of the day care staff members and during the feeding time Rishabh Sinha throws quite a few tantrums. The children have to also be given water and all liquid items through a special baby bottle. At the same time, the staff have to teach the kids not to waste food.

A play area will also be set up in the garden area and the staff have to take them to the play area and make them play quietly, the kids shouldn’t make noise. They have to also teach them to build pyramids and take a test at the end of their play time. During this, Prince and Rishabh pull Digangana into the pool and that doesn’t go down well with her. Rochelle also complaints that she didn’t like Suyyash touching her and picking her up.