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Bigg Boss 9: Rimi Sen refuses to make any sacrifice & acts SELFISH- watch video

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She has told time and again that she wants to leave the show, however Bigg Boss refuses to grant her the wish, making her suffer even more. Last week she refused to perform the duty of the supervisor of a task and not only she, but the whole house had to pay the price for that. The luxury budget for the house was reduced to zero and this angered a lot of people, as Rimi laughed it off.

She has continued to say that she doesn’t care about the house and she wants to leave. However, last night Deepika Padukone revealed that she can give the contestants their luxury budget if Rimi would give up her make up.

However, Rimi didn’t agree and Deepika left. Salman then gave the contestants a few hours to convince Rimi to do the needful, but Rimi doesn’t budge today, even though all the contestants plead to her.


So today we will see Rochelle and Digangana stealing all her make up and giving it to Prince. Prince will then go and puts all her make up in to the store room. The master mind of the plan Kanwaljeet will start laughing as hell breaks loose inside the house after Rimi realises that someone has taken her make up from her bag.

She will say, “It’s not fair. You guys are forcing me.” She will try to search for her belonging in the whole house, but when she doesn’t find it she will tell everyone that if they don’t return her make up, she will not perform in the next task again.

This convincing and extortion game will go on for the whole day and at the end the contestants will give back her make up. They will realise that if she doesn’t perform the next task again, there will be more trouble for them.