Bigg Boss 9: Rimi Sen finally OUT from Salman Khan’s show!


For all that we know, Rimi has been ranting about Bigg Boss since the day she has entered the show! She wasn’t even interested in performing any tasks which is why Salman too had bashed her in last week’s episode stating how she is looking like a fool to the audience outside. But Rimi cared a damn and continued to behave in her shameless manner throughout the week gone by!


You wouldn’t believe, even in tonight’s episode Salman will be seen giving Rimi an earful for not leaving the show, despite Bigg Boss offering her a golden chance yesterday.
But an unfazed Rimi will still choose to maintain a straight face like as if she cares! Bass bank balance hi toh chahiye? Well, we are really glad that she is out of the show! To an extent she was bearable. We enjoyed her anti-Bigg Boss rant but not anymore! It was getting way too irritating!