Bigg Boss 9: RE-ENTERY of Mandana Karimi to the house tonight – watch video!


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She entered the secret room and she saw everyone, except a few, happy that she left.She also saw that many contestants, including her friends Prince,  Rochelle and Aman Verma, were bitching about her. Bigg Boss will gives her power to nominate two people while she was inside the secret room. She will choose to nominate Prince and Rochelle, but little did she know that it was a trick. Bigg Boss will actually make Rochelle and Prince safe.

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Later on, Mandana will be seen entering the Bigg Boss house and as everyone will know that she was in the secret room, they will not be surprised. Many contestants will also be unhappy that she comes back to the house.

Mandana will also be seen slamming Rochelle Maria Rao as she will say, “Roch aapme or kishwer me kya faraq hai, mere friends ne mere baare me mere peeche se jyada bola.”