Bigg Boss 9: Puneet Vashishta ELIMINATED from Salman Khan’s show!

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The Diwali celebrations and gifts added to the joy of the contestants. However as the weekend arrives, all the contestants are prepared for getting some gyaan from Salman Khan and at the same time face eliminations. While the wild card entries Puneet Vashishta and Rishabh Sinha shook the house last week, after initial few days they have simmered down a bit. Rishabh, being the captain, was declared safe from nominations, but Puneet got nominated in the first week of his entry itself. However, he will be given a bigger shock tomorrow!

Salman Khan will reveal to Puneet that he has been eliminated from the competition. He will be stunned, but will make his way out of the house. We have to mention that Puneet showed a lot of promise and he had given all the housemates including Rishabh Sinha a tough time, but we guess the audience didn’t like him enough and he will be eliminated tomorrow with the least number of votes.

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Puneet was one of the contestants, who called a spade a spade and he helped his team win tasks too (he helped team white win the Garnier challenge and many more tasks too). During his time in the house he was involved in a few fights too, how can we forget his showdown with Rishabh that happened yesterday. The housemates did consider him crazy, but he was an entertaining contestant.