Bigg Boss 9: Prince Narula HITS Mandana Karimi repeatedly

In the Bigg Boss 9 house contestants will get another chance to gather some points for their weekly luxury budget. Another, even harder luxury budget task will be played tonight and it seems that Prince Narula HITS Mandana Karimi during the task.


Well, the first sub-task will require a contestant to wear a party hat with an elastic band. To win the sub-task, the contestant will have to bear the pain of being hit by the elastic band without making noise.

Mandana Karimi will decide to do the task and being the captain of the house, Prince will be instructed to hit the model with the elastic band.
As the red light flashes, The Punjabi boy will pull the elastic band and release it so that it hits Mandana’s chin. While the pain will be seen on the model’s face, she will control her voice.

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Though she is close to screaming coz of the pain, she will avoid it. Prince will also release the band softly so that the pain is minimum. After a while, the red light will be flashed again and the duo will stop the task.

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