Bigg Boss 9: Pince Narula and Suyyash Rai to have a FACE OFF

The fights and controversies in the house have made the bond between the housemates of Bigg Boss house worse and now it will take a new turn when Pince Narula and Suyyash Rai will face off tonight. It will be interesting to watch tonight the so-called best buddies will be seen battling it out in the new task.


The prize? Captainship of the house. What they have to do? There will be two social media walls – one wall is of Prince, while the other is of Suyyash. All the contestants except Kishwer will participate in the task as she will be the supervisor of the task.

All they have to do is convince the other contestants to be their friends on their social media page. Suyyash and Prince will have to update their statuses and the housemates will support their preferred contestant by placing their photos next to the team they wish to support.

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However, there is a twist to the task! The housemates could keep switching teams according to their wish. They will also be allowed to ask Suyyash or Prince any question they wish to ask. If they feel that their choice is wrong after the question, they can change their choice.