Bigg Boss 9 episode no 4: Kishwer becomes the new CAPTAIN on day 40!

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Yesterday, you saw Mandana return home after her stint in the secret room. A lot of fights also broke out yesterday, but something even more interesting happened today. Check out all the highlights below:

The contestants woke up to Tatar Tatar and everyone started dancing. Mandana Karimi and Rishabh Sinha were seen bonding while doing the task. After this routine, Rochelle Maria Rao gets into her bed again and tells the captain, Suyyash Rai, that she doesn’t work or clean the toilet today, she just wants to sleep. Suyyash jokes that he will take her mattress if she doesn’t get up, Rochelle also jokes that she will catch the mattress and won’t let him take it.
So, Suyyash and Prince Narula pick her up with the mattress and take her to the store room. She starts sleeping there too, but she comes back out after a while.


Bigg Boss announces that since Rochelle, Rishabh, Prince and Kishwer Merchantt won the luxury budget task, they will decide who will participate in the captaincy task. However, they can’t choose Mandana’s name.

The team goes out to discuss who to select. That’s when Mandana bitches about Rochelle that Rochelle will start jumping up and down  and say, “Mujhe captaincy chahiye.”

The team comes back and announce to Bigg Boss that Rochelle, Prince and Kishwer will battle it for the captainship.

Bigg Boss announced that Prince, Rochelle and Kishwer would participate in the captaincy task. He announces that they would have to hold a bowl filled with water for 6 continuous hours. Whoever’s bowl had the most water at the end of the task would win. Suyyash would be the supervisor of the task. filled bowl. Bigg Boss also mentions that the other contestants can do anything to help their favourite win the task.

Rishabh plans to trouble the three participants. He plans to use chilli powder to trouble them. Mandana said he shouldn’t do anything, that’s when Rishabh asks if they are his close ones that she is trying to protect them. Mandana says she just told her point and he is free to do whatever he feels like.

Rishabh goes and blows chilli powder on to the face and eyes of Prince and Rochelle. He did tell them to close their eyes, but on one occasion the chilli powder goes into Rochelle’s eyes and she starts crying. Aman and Suyyash warn him not to do it, but he still continues to do it. Rochelle and Prince’s eyes start burning and so Aman starts puting water on their face and Suyyash also helps clean their faces.

Rishabh gets the chilli powder container and tries to put more powder as Prince starts a war of words with him. However, Aman snatches it from him and gives it to Suyyash.

Rishabh then gets a shampoo bottle. Prince starts abusing Rishabh and tells him that he will make Rishabh pay. The two indulge in a war of words again.

Later, the trio move to the garden area. Rishabh says he had to do what he had to, while Prince tells he will make him suffer. They get into a feisty debate again. They even start abusing each other.

Later in the afternoon, Aman calls Suyyash and points out that Prince has been taking support for holding the bowl with the help of the jacuzzi. Aman asks him to take a decision, that’s when Prince tells Kisher was also taking support. Suyyash also mentions that he saw it in the mirror, but he didn’t see it directly. He lets it go. Later on, Rochelle also takes off one hand while turning her hand. Suyyash sees it and he confronts her. But since all three had one such incident, all of them are given a new chance and they are allowed to start over.

Throughout the day, we were shown that many designer clothes are arriving into the house. In the evening, the third wild card entry designer Kanwaljeet Singh enters the house.

As soon as he enters, he starts telling Prince that he has become very silent these days and he should do something about it. He also asks Kishwer why she is bossing over Prince, she should boss over only Suyyash or if she wants both of them, then it is fine.

While the contestants give Kanwaljeet a tour of the house, Kishwer taunts Rimi. She says that one supervisor was less that Bigg Boss sent one more to help decide who is the winner.

Rishabh comes out and talks to Rochelle. He tells her that she is behaving differently and that’s when she says that he shouldn’t talk on behalf of someone. Mandana spots this and that’s when the girls get into a verbal spat. Mandana mentions that Rochelle bitched about her and she didn’t like it. But, Rochelle explained that she was just performing the task.

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Before the end of the task, Kanwaljeet starts playing around with all the three participants. He puts his hand into Prince’s bowl and throws a lot of water out too. Prince is shocked at what he had witnessed, but he was seen giving himself false hope that Suyyash would decide to disallow this as Kanwaljeet had just entered the house.

At night, Bigg Boss is very disappointed as even the supervisor Suyyash had taken part in the competition. Also he was dissapointed that the others didn’t perform in the task. The other contestants were instructed to trouble the participants and make their favourite win.

Bigg Boss asks Suyyash to judge who has won. Suyyash asks if Prince’s bowl has to be judged as Kanwaljeet had poured water out. Bigg Boss informed Suyyash that it was allowed and he should check the levels of water in all three bowls. Kishwer’s bowl has the most water and hence Bigg Boss declares Kishwer as the new captain of the house.

After losing, Prince goes to the sky lounge and sits. He gets emotional and reveals that he has understood that no one is his and Suyyash and Kishwer are just looking at their win-win situation. He vows to make them suffer.

Bigg Boss later announces that the whole team, even though they performed well, haven’t received any points in the luxury budget task. Rimi, being the supervisor, didn’t do anything and he was really pissed. He said that with limited supplies you will understand the importance of performing in the task. Rimi starts laughing.

However, Bigg Boss gives back everyone’s bed except Rimi’s as the others performed very well.

The whole house is disappointed and they try making Rimi understand about performing tasks. She laughs and goes into the garden area.

#Rochelle and Suyyash lose their temper that she is laughing even though they didn’t get the luxury budget.

In the end Prince tells Rimi to play her game, while Kishwer comes and tries to make her understand the importance of performing in the tasks.

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