Bigg Boss 9 episode 47: Priya Malik Priya sprinkles her PEE on Kishwer & Lots more!

Priya sprinkles her pee on Kishwer

Big Brother famed Priya is found sprinkling her pee on Kishwer as a defence because Kishwer peed on her. Grossness? Yes. But it doesn’t stop there. Kishwer sprays Hit on Priya as revenge and yes, things do get ugly after that.


Rochelle accuses Prince of touching her b**b

Another ugly fight erupts between Prince Narula and Rochelle Rao Maria after Rishabh and Prince rag Rochelle with an attempt to get her out of the car but in vain. Rochelle accuses him of touching her b**b and tells him to stop immediately but she starts crying over the fact that she has to spend her birthday in a terrible way and she’s bothered by that.

Rishabh and Prince Narula rag Rochelle

The other house members make a plan of first eliminating Rochelle from the car so that then they can attack Priya and get rid of her to so Prince Narula can win. But Rochelle is strong willed to which Rishabh and Prince rag her as Rishabh pulls her leg from outside the car and Prince tickles her from inside the car. Tortured by the two and physically hurt, Rochelle sheds a few tears.

The door finally opens!

Bigg Boss opens the door for all the contestants and asks them to leave the house if they are disinterested and have been cribbing about leaving the house.
The attention goes straight to Rimi Sen.

And Keith is still missing!

While all the gross events keep unfolding in the Bigg Boss house, Keith still remains missing. We wonder why he has still not entered the house as he seemed to have left some time ago.


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