Bigg Boss 9 episode 37: Mandana abuses Prince, quits the task mid-way


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The episode started with Suyyash Rai, Digangana Suryavanshi and Rishabh Sinha discussing whether Mandana Karimi would participate in the task today, considering her ill health. Suyyash stated that she would and she indeed did!

I is known to be quite a tantrum queen and she was at it again. Mandana could not participate in the task yesterday as she wasn’t keeping well. But in today’s episode, the beauty was all hail and hearty, and made sure to make life a living hell for the opposite team. She acted as a notorious kid as per the task and caused trouble for the others.

Aman, Digangana and Suyyash too lived up to the standards of the task and irritated the opposition team, to no end. Amidst this, a war of words took place between Suyyash and Prince, after the former claimed that the latter was too physical with him during the task.

Later, Aman claimed that the opposition team tore his diaper while changing it and soon both the teams were seen having a war of words regarding the rules of the task.  Digangana tried to step out of the house, but was stopped by Rishabh. Prince intervened and when asked to stop by Suyyash, the two got into a fight once again.

Oh, god these two!

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Prince soon was agitated and lashed out at Mandana by taunting her. He hinted she was faking her illness yesterday as she didn’t wish to perform the task. This irked her to no end and she yelled at him, claiming that he was harsh with her during the task earlier. Soon after this, Suyyash and Prince got into a heated argument once again when the latter was stopped from stepping outside by Aman, who held the door tightly. Prince called Aman’s move unfair and soon he and Suyyash began their verbal war. Just can’t get enough can they?

Rochelle and Mandana were seen having a nasty fight. She tried to pull the latter’s diaper down, but this irritated Mandana who claimed that Rochelle was being physically harsh with her. left the task mid-way in anger and even swore at Prince!