Bigg Boss 9: Dolly Bindra’s SENSATIONAL review of Salman Khan’s show!

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Armaan Kohli’s volatile behaviour in 2013 earned him the tag of ‘Dolly Bindra 2’ but her fans swear by the fact that no one, absolutely no one can take Dolly’s place. In 2013, she made a re-entry on the show and gave Armaan Kohli and Kushal Tandon an earful.

So, this week when the TRPs of Bigg Boss 9 have finally gone up, we asked none else but the lady herself to give an opinion on the recent happenings inside the house. In a cheerful mood, she told us, “I am extremely glad to hear that the TRPs have gone up. Ever since Kanwaljeet Singh has entered the house things have become very entertaining. However, I wish he speaks more in Hindi. He has been speaking a lot in English if he said some of that stuff in Hindi/Hinglish, there would be more punch.


For the uninitiated, Dolly was the finalist on season 4, which was won by Shweta Tiwari. That year, the episode that featured the spat between her, Shweta and Sameer Soni got TRPs of 4.8 while the grand finale got a TRP of 6.7! These were ratings legends are made of.

So, we at BollywoodLife decided to get Dolly Bindra to review this season. Here’s what she said,

On Aman Verma’s shocking eviction

She says she was surprised by Aman Verma’s eviction as she felt he was a strong contender. “Inside the house, you don’t have to show yourself as nice at all times. Yes, fight for your rights and come out with your reputation intact. I feel Prince Narula, Rimi Sen and for now, Rochelle are doing quite well. Rishabh Sinha has surprised me immensely. He is a good contestant, she says.

On language used inside the house:

“As a viewer, I feel a lot of English has been spoken inside the house this season, which is against the rules. As a result some of the lines have lost their punches. This reduced the fun and impacted viewership in aam junta. Mandana Karimi and Rochelle Maria Rao speak a lot of English, which robbed the fun. As far as Priya Malik’s racism allegation goes, I feel racism is a serious issue and the term should not be freely bandied about. She also called him a pig. The fights inside the house are to be enjoyed and not taken too seriously.”

On her favorites inside the house:

The power-packed former contestant also revealed that Rimi Sen is one of her favourites. “She is fun. I like her logic and stubbornness. Rimi has no qualms about what people think about her and I love that.” She has some insights on Mandana and Rochelle too. Describing the Iranian beauty as a lovely-looking girl, she feels that Mandana tries to gain sympathy a little too often. “She tends to interfere at times, which can be annoying. Also, she cries too much (laughs out loud).”

On Mandan’s sympathy card:

Dolly further says that playing the victim card doesn’t really work inside the house and one can’t gain sympathy time and again. “I never wept to get attention. I only cried during Christmas when I missed my family. No one could make me cry. I thank God that I was strong enough,” she explains.

On Rochelle: Vo ek khubsurat bala hai

Going onto Rochelle, Dolly states, “Woh ek khoobsurat bala hai (laughs). Viewers find her funny and at times incomprehensible due to the language issues. Sadly, a lot of her punches are lost in translation. Over time, she has realised that one does need a friend or two inside the house. Planning beforehand has no use for Bigg Boss as he’s the master who baffles us time and again. You have to go with the flow.”

On wild card entrants Priya Malik and Kanwaljeet Singh

The tirade between Australian Big Brother contestant Priya Malik and Kanwaljeet Singh is grabbing eyeballs. “I love Kanwaljeet’s entry. His Punjabi diction and tone is fun to hear. I don’t think the age card matters as it is a game show, where all are participants. He was quiet for the first two days but now he’s opening up, which is fun,” she says. Dolly repeatedly said that she hoped that nothing untoward happened due to their quick tempers. When we questioned her about the sexual allegation leveled by Priya on Rishabh, she said, “I saw Priya showing Rishabh her tattoos, which indicated at a certain level of friendship. I feel she should have left the task if his act of licking her finger upset her so much,” she opines.

On Suyyash and Kishwer favoring each other

She says that she likes Suyyash Rai and thinks he is a good guy at heart. Talking about partiality, she feels it’s inevitable with a couple inside the house. When we asked her about the fetch the bone task, she says she feels Rishabh did not initiate it. “I would not do it myself. It was very irritating to watch,” she says.

On Keith Sequeira re-entering the house:

Sharing her views on Keith’s re-entry she says, “I don’t wish to make any statement as he is going through a delicate phase. My condolences to his family and him and pray that God gives them the strength to overcome this loss.