Bigg Boss 9: Do You KNOW why Mandana Karimi will leave the house tomorrow?


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Mandana has been unwell and she had visited the hospital yesterday too. The doctors have been checking on her health throughout these two days and they need to keep checking on her for a few more days. So, maybe Mandana has been taken out of the Bigg Boss house and put into this special house for some rest. In the Bigg Boss house, she will have to do the daily chores and the tasks too. But here she can rest and keep an eye out on what people are saying and doing.

Another reason maybe the channel’s wish to save Mandana! Bigg Boss had announced that the worst performers of the task will be nominated for eliminations this week.

Everyone saw that Mandana did not perform the task yesterday coz of her bad health and even today she didn’t perform after a fight with Rochelle Maria Rao and Prince Narula, so if Bigg Boss had to keep his word, then she would be in the danger zone and may have been eliminated too.

So to maybe safeguard her they have kept her out of the nomination and eviction process this week and she will make her way back into the house later on.

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Recently evicted contestant Puneet Vashihta also threw light on this issue in an EXCLUSIVE interview with us.

He told, “Everything is finalised according to Salman. I am not saying the show is scripted but you really need to be in the good books of Salman to last on this show! This year I am so sure Salman is going to make Mandana Karimi win. She was good friends with me initially but gradually changed sides as per her wish. But Bigg Boss will never focus on that. They’ll only show her side where she is complaining about Kishwer, acting cute or showing her dresses to people around. Nobody is seeing the inner side and everybody is seeing just the outer manipulative side! Ethics wise this is a total SHIT show!”