Bigg Boss 9: Digangana Suryavanshi’s father REACTS on his daughter’s Relationship with with Rishabh Sinha!

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Recently evicted contestant Puneet Vashishta openly declared in an interview that Diggy and Rishabh are no less than husband and wife inside the house! Yes! He said that in a conversation with an online portal, reasoning how the two have got along so well that there’s no space for someone else to intervene! So considering all of the above, I decided to get in touch with Digangana’s father to know how is he coping up to these rumours! What does he have to say about Puneet’s ‘husband and wife’ comment about Digangana and Rishabh.. Well you’ll be surprised, but he gave a rather chilled out reaction to it.

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He said, “Everyone has their own point of view and it depends on individual’s mentality. I would personally choose to believe what I get to see on the show! Puneet could have called them even as ‘brother-sister’, But he tagged them as ‘husband and wife’ because that’s how he his.So now you know the difference? According to me I still believe they are like brother-sister or good friends! Puneet is being like one of my friend who was once told by his mom that beta dekho yeh teri behen jaisi hai and he was like, “Behen jaisi kyu, biwi jaisi kyu nahin ho sakti.” So you see, there is a way in delivering your thoughts!”