Bigg Boss 9, Day 13: Rochelle consoles Mandana

Salman made Mandana jump in joy by declaring that she is safe.

Salman rewarded Keith for understanding the Bidding task rules and and gave his luggage.  So, viewers would be seeing the love hero in his own attire. The host Salman Khan continued with his grilling session by asking Aman about the “Aswachch” (unclean) tag he received.  Aman pointed Rochelle saying that she is more unclean than him.  Same goes with the Mandana tagged as “Nakli”.  According to her, Yuvika is the fakest person of the house.


Rochelle bursted into tears for Mandana.  Both had words in the garden area where they bitched about nasty attitude of other house members towards Mandana.

Finally, we got to see the real people of the house when Bigg Boss introduced the hate game.  In this,  the contenders had to pick pictures of the other contenders whom they abhorred.  It was not so easy as they were asked to tell the reason behind their taste.

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So here it goes, Prince named Mandana and Rochelle for being fraud and biased respectively. Mandana avenged for the “ Nakli”  tag given by Kishwer.  According to her, Kishwer is getting too personal and now it is difficult to be at ease with her.
Keith too blamed Kishwer for splitting people of the house.