Bigg Boss 9: Arvind Vegda and one other to leave Salman Khan’s show!


As two people will enter the house, the channel has decided to remove two people too. Who are these two people? Well, read on!


Not one, but two people will be eliminated his weekend in Double Eliminations that will shock the whole house. Now, you are aware that we have been relentlessly give you exclusive gossip from inside the house everyday and so we do know one of the contestants who will be asked to leave this Sunday. Arvind Vegda may have to leave the show on Sunday.

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 If you remember, we revealed that fans want Arvind to out of the show and guess that paved the way for his exit.
Apart from him, one more contestant will eliminated on Sunday, details of that person is yet to be achieved. We assure you, you will know the the name soon.