Bigg Boss 9: Aman Verma going bald! Watch the video

A wild card contestant, Rishabh Sinha, has been sent in on Monday with a mission to trouble one and all. And since yesterday a tough task is being played where the contestants are being tested to their core. Aman Verma even has to shave off his head for the task tonight.


All the contestants, except Mandana Karimi and Rishabh, are the workers of a seven star hotel and they have to serve the duo and other guests – Sana Khan, Ali Quli Mirza, Sargun Mehta and VJ Andy who are staying at the Bigg Boss hotel.

The guests can ask the workers to do anything and that’s when Ali will ask Aman to shave off his head. Aman will sportingly agree and Ali will shave off his head. But that’s not it. Aman will actually like his new look and will smile throughout the episode.

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