Best Tips for Newly Weds to Improve Sex Life


Most of the couple feels difficulty after marriage if at all it is arranged, specially in India its obvious for max couples who have done arranged marriage.

Its is primarily the task of the husband to make life full of surprise as girls are shy to reveal their desire on the bed.

In order to make your life full of bliss and sexually satisfied you have to follow certain rules in daily life, it will take some time but we are sure it will definitely work like a charm for you guys.
1.It will be the best if you talk to your spouse more often

It is the best thing you can do as it will raise your confidence and intimacy between husband and wife, share your fantasy and your sexual desire with your wife, make her comfortable so that she too can share the same with you.


2.Spend more time on foreplay

Never be in a hurry, first start doing foreplay atleast for 15 mins, it eventually raise up the excitement level and then you can start having sex.
3.Better be comfortable doing Oral Sex

It is too written in the famous book Kamasutra that Oral sex gives the maximum pleasure as women likes it so much and men too.
4.Try out new position everytime

This will give you more time to explore her and she too will enjoy your craze for her, trying different position will not only enhance your sexual pleasure but also you will never get bored.
5.Try to reach the climax at the same time

The sexual power of women is 8 times more than and she can attain multiple orgasms on one time sex, and men gst exhausted after making out on a single time, while reaching the climax, better be aware to have better clitoris contact as it will make your wife to reach to the climax at the same.