‘Backstreet Boys’ opened up about the Boy Band Rivalry and many More



In a candid conversation with the US Weekly, the famous band group ‘Backstreet Boys’ opened up about the rumoured ‘Boy Band Rivalry’ and many more that you might not know.

Revealing about the band’s 2005 Never Gone tour, Carter, one of the band guys said, ““It was really difficult to bring in because they had to bring it in in big slabs, and then I had to have a grinder and put it in there.”


Saying about the obsession of one of the bandmate Howie Dorough who like chicken wings, McLean said, “Maybe one time did Howie ever get his chicken wings.”

Richardson who is currently 44 years old elaborated remembering the original choreography said, “On our last tour, the 20th anniversary tour, we pretty much did the original choreography for every routine almost.”