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‘Azhar’ Movie Review- Wasted Another Two Hours Of Your Life


‘Azhar’ movie was made to create a redemption for the tainted cricketer and India’s ex-captain Mohammad Azharuddin.

But what we found viewers walked out of the theatres with no emotions, no sympathy, except for remorse at having wasted another two hours of your life on another totally waste film.

Tony D’Souza, the director of ‘Azhar’ biopic tried to create a magic but ultimately failed as the story is is supposedly talking about the tumultuous and adventurous life of one of the finest cricketers that the country has seen.

Actually Emraan plays the character of Mohammad Azharuddin with so much sincerity that at times he is the only one who seems to make any sense in this forgettable movie but second half is almost unbearable with Lara Dutta as a prosecutor lawyer.

Rajat Arora’s bordering on nonsense rhyming dialogues made the end disgusting that leads to a feeble attempt at trying to attribute Azhar’s deed to patriotism of Mohammad Azharuddin.

Final Review:
U/A; Biopic
Director: Tony D’Souza
Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Nargis Fakhri, Prachi Desai
Rating: 2.5/5

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