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Aww! Shah Rukh Khan Rescued Kapil Sharma


Cut to the host and his dost, Shah Rukh Khan, walking through the audience several times, serpentine queues of fans clicking pictures with them and giving presents to the Badshah. All this did was take away from the humour. Generous digs at aam aadmi CM didn’t hold water either.

“The country does not go to weather channels for forecasts anymore. We just put on the news and if Kejriwal is wearing a muffler then it’s winters. But he confuses us too when he wears chappals with mufflers,” Kapil quipped. Another time, Kapil said to Grover, pointing at SRK: This is indeed Shah Rukh! Look at his dimples, to which Grover retorted, “Not everyone who coughs is Kejriwal.” Funny?

What did strike one as funny however, was Ali Asgar flirting with BCCI Secretary, Anurag Thakur and Grover’s turn as a Haryanvi woman cop, which had the audience in splits. After revisiting his “Rang De Tu Mohe Gerua” gag, where he memorably slathered paint all over himself, Grover turned up as ‘Gaurav’ from SRK’s last release and danced to the beats of “Jabra Fan”. He was joined by Khan, giving the evening one of its few highpoints.

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