Arvind Kejriwal Trending on Top in Pakistani Media after his anti-Indian statements


The CM of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal is currently trending on the top in Pakistani media after his anti-Indian statements and the way he asked for proof of the surgical that had been conducted by the Indian Army across the border.

The Pakistani media have praised Kejriwal saying that he is the friend of Pakistan.. we firmly believe that he is doing this only for the sake of getting praised in Pakistan, infact just for politics he is doing the same.

Tweetartis across the nation are lashing out at Kejriwal for his disgusting comments against the Indian army and his video that he pubished on Twitter is the concrete proof of that.

On the Pakistani tweeter end, Kejriwal is trending on the top, even some eminent personalities have praised the step taken by the CM of Delhi..

Have a look at some of the tweets:

kejriwal-supported-by-pak-media1 kejriwal-supported-by-pak-media2 kejriwal-supported-by-pak-media3 kejriwal-supported-by-pak-media4 kejriwal-supported-by-pak-media5 pak-media-kejri-1