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Anuskha Sharma: Salman Khan’s ‘Rape Remark’ was insensitive

Yet another turn just came a while ago when ‘Sultan‘ actress Anuskha Sharma speaks on the ‘Rape Remark‘ made by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.

‘Sultan’ is now on the top of demands and most of the bollywood celebs have praised Salman Khan and Anuskha Sharma for their superb acting.

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In an exclusive interview Anuskha Sharma said that she was completly shocked to know that Salman Khan had made such a statement, she said, “Firstly I would like to find out what he actually said because I wasn’t there. Quite honestly, after that a lot has been spoken about it and obviously whatever he said was insensitive. Yes, it was a bit insensitive and I was a bit surprised by whatever was said. It made me realise that all of us have responsibility towards what we speak anywhere. Celebrities moreso, have to be more aware of what they are saying.”

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