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Anand L Rai does not want SRK’s film to be called a ‘DWARF’


In a recent statement to a leading daily, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan‘s next film director Anand L Rai said that he does not want his film with Shah Rukh Kan to be called a ‘DWARF.’

There is a very sensible reason for that which he gave, he said, “I have been hearing this and I have been talking about this. Yes, it’s a dwarf film. But dwarf is not the character. I am making a film where the size of the character is short. It’s a very new character. It’s a story about a man and woman again like Ranjhanaa or Tanu Weds Manu. It has different characters.”

“In this case, my character is smaller in size. Let’s not design it like a story of a dwarf. It’s a story of a man who’s size is small,” he added.

His upcoming film ‘Happy Bhag Jayegi’ will be released this friday and he is preety confident about it that it will do good business because of its unique content.

Apart from that he said that his film with SRK is on the basis of a very fresh content and story, and he hopes audience will enjoy.

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