Amitabh Bachchan’s granddaughter Aaradhya’s SPECIAL Diwali

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One of the pictures have the entire Bachchan elders trying to teach Aaradhya to hold the cracker right while the kid is having fun. This is by  far the best Bachchan family pic we have ever seen. Diwali makes it so much fun for them. While Aishwarya is seated next to her daughter, papa Abhishek and grandpa Bachchan are trying to teach her the moves. It is the most cutest thing you will see today.
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The next picture has everyone watching Aaradhya burst crackers. This time even granny Jaya Bachchan joins in. Such a happy picture, Big B! The last one has Bachchan admiring the fireworks from a safe distance…probably mulling over how happy his family looks.