Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha end their differences at Diwali party!


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For years, they were arch-enemies warring over footage and dialogues. In films like Kala Patthar and Dostana, the rivalry between the two reached a point of no return or so it seemed, until recently, when the two decided to bury the hatchet and let the past remain in the past.

On Wednesday night, when the Bachchans threw their doors open for a Diwali party, Shatrughan, busy with his political activities in Delhi flew back on Tuesday evening to Mumbai in time for the bash. He spoke to us of the party and confirmed, “It was a full-on Bharat milaap between Amitji and me.
We may have had our differences in the past. But we have both matured and, if I may say so, become wiser.”

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