Amidst tiff with Salman Khan Shares of Mandhana Industries tumbled 60%

Garment maker ‘Mandhana Industries‘ had a tiff with Salman Khan few days back and due to that shares of the industry dumbled 60% in the stock exchange.

Speculations that differences have been created between Mandhana Industries and ‘Being Human’ which is a charitable trust run by bollywood superstar Salman Khan over the profit sharing terms for selling his branded clothing line.

The company has rights to sell Being Human (BH) branded clothing line, for which around 5% royalty was paid to the trust. Being Human contributed around 10% to the company’s sales in 2014-15.

According to investment consultant familiar with the development, the actor demanded equal profit sharing or royalty, which ever was higher from Mandhan’s sale of Being Human branded products leading to the tiff.

Being Human‘s retail business grew by 96% to Rs 172 crore, it is a charitable trust of The Salman Khan foundation.

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