Amber Rose Launched her New Brand New Podcast ‘Loveline’


Amber Rose yesterday launched her new brand named on ‘Loveline‘, she posted on Instagram with her brand new look wrote, “Listen NOW!!! My Brand New Podcast #loveline 😎.”

She joined ‘Loveline’ that was established back in the year 1983 on CBS Radio’s KROQ in Los Angeles and you can now listen to her on weekly podcast.

In a press release, Amber said, “I am super excited to take over and work with such a legendary brand like ‘Loveline.'”


“This podcast is a chance for me to share my raw and honest experiences with my fans and hear their stories.

Dr. Donaghue and I have a great relationship, and I’m happy he’s joining me on this journey. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!” she added.

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