Amber Rose is setting the record straight about her feud with Kim


Their relationship has been fractured for quite some time, since Kim started her relationship with Amber’s ex Kanye West, 38. Kanye’s said some horrifically offensive and sexist things about Amber in the past.
But Amber’s gotten hers. During Kanye’s now-infamous Twitter rant against her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa, Amber unleashed some epic tweets against Kanye (#FingersInTheBootyAssBitch). The air’s been cleared by now, and it’s since been revealed that she and Kim are cool — especially after they posed for an Instagram together!

Though we knew that she and Kim were hanging out, we didn’t know that they were such good friends! Amber was one of the first people to publicly defend Kim when she posted a nude photo on Instagram March 8. “I thought she looked beautiful,” Amber said. “I’m a mom. I know how hard it is to, like, work out and try to get your body back but at the same time, embracing the fact that your body does change after you have a baby.

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