Aman Verma is playing the best game :Arvind Vegda

Arvind became the third contestant to be ousted from the celebrity reality show, hosted by superstar Salman Khan. ”The best game right now is being played by Aman. He is being very calculative and that’s his nature. He has the patience, the calmness and the quality needed to survive in the house and win the show. He has been with Kishwer, Keith and me… I feel he has the understanding. He can win,” Arvind told a news portal.


The singer added he saw a winning spirit in Prince Narula and found him a real person. “He (Prince) is here to win.
He does not care about anything else. He is not even worried about prize money. He just wants to win this show. He is a real guy.”

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Arvind, however, finds Iranian girl Mandana Karimi an odd personality, who keeps “switching from person to person” as per her convenience. ”Mandana works in her comfort zone. She would be with a person for a day if she thinks she is comfortable with him or her then later forget the same person.