Alia Bhatt Talks on recent Trend Called Virginity Bubble


Alia Bhatt is the bubbly beauty and barbie doll of Bollywood film industry and is quite a happy go lucky girl by nature. Almost in all media interview she is quite free and frank expressing her view.

A recent trend that has caught everyones attention is popularly known as Virginity Bubble and in a recent interview when Alia was asked about the same. She answered in quite a different way and she is unaware about this latest trend.



Check Out this Video What Alia Bhatt had to say on the recent trend that is going on called as Virginity Trend:


Alia said that fashion changes every time and she is quite busy in her work that many latest things she even dont know, this usual for a Bollywood actress you know it very well but still than she said that whatever she feels comfortable she wears.



Moreover she added that she is a Youth Fashion icon and many girls follow her style and fashion and she regularly changes her outlook and never sticks to a particular look or fashion.


Talking more about this ongoing debate she added that she is not a big fan of old fashion rather she believes what is new lets try and check it out whether it suits or not, if its ok than continue or else try something else. Adding more to her statement Alia said that she is very choosy of her outfit and whatever suits her body she always prefers that and she loves to wear latest fashionable clothes.