Alia Bhatt Opens about Shah Rukh Khan’s Personality!



Alia Bhatt, was quoted as saying, “It was lovely working with him on the show and on Gauri’s film when we recently shot in Goa. He’s probably the only actor or person in the world whom I probably don’t mind staying awake till 3 am for, just to be able to hang out or interact with him.”

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Alia further praised Shahrukh Khan as, “He’s a late bird and doesn’t sleep because of which I landed up staying awake many a night. I totally don’t mind because I am getting to learn and absorb so much from him.

Shah Rukh is a fantastic person to be around and it’s a pleasure to work with him because he’s so giving and he takes so much care of you. I can’t wait to get back on set again with him.”