Ali Abbas Zafar:’Sultan’ is Salman’s toughest role physically and emotionally


Salman Khan‘s ‘Sultan’ is scheduled to release on July 6 and before that there are so many views coming from many trade experts how much the movie is going to earn at boxoffice.

But ‘Sultan’ director is not burdned about the expectations from the audience, rather he prefer to stay calm.

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Recently for the promotion of ‘Sultan’ Ali Abbas Zafar faced an interview with India Today where he revelead so many facts about Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, his skills and capability and many more.

During an interview Salman Khan had stated that the role of ‘Sultan‘ was physically very demanding and challenging that later drew so much attention from media.

Clarifying this statement said by Salman Khan, Ali Abbas Zafar said, “It’s the toughest role he has played – both emotionally and physically. It is a very demanding character. One of the reasons Salman agreed to do Sultan was to challenge himself as an actor, to see whether he can pull it off. When I narrated the script to Salim Uncle [Salim Khan, reputed writer and Salman’s father], the first thing he told Adi [filmmaker Aditya Chopra] during dinner was, – Is mein Salman ko bahut mehat karni padegi. Now that he [Salim Khan] has seen the film, he is a proud father.

Salman has internalised the character beautifully. He holds your eye in every frame.”

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