Alaia Baldwin, She has the face of a model


Look at this picture of Alaia Baldwin. She has the face of a model, and while some people might not like that her name sounds like that of an elven princess, we think that her unique name is going to be an asset.

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Her older sister Hailey Baldwin is a famous model and known to be close friends with Kendall Jenner, and now Alaia is getting into the modeling world. We’re so excited, because she belongs in the modeling world.

Alaia and Hailey may have the misfortune of being tied to, believe it or not, the worst of the Baldwin brothers (he’s their dad), but they themselves are attractive and lovely young women. You can actually barely tell that they’re sisters — probably a good thing for both of their careers, as you never want to be interchangeable. Not in the modeling world, anyway.


We can expect to see a lot more of Alaia and her singular look in the future and we’re so grateful for that.