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Ajay Devgn speaks about Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol and his return to direction!

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This week, we had the two time National award winner Ajay Devgn coming to show, and talking about a lot of subjects including his supposed rivalry with Shah Rukh Khan, and also about his wife, Kajol. Here’s what happened on the show.

On the kind of films that are releasing these days

“I feel I am lucky coz the kind of films that are doing well now, I did way back in the ’90s!”

How he perceives his competitors’ work

“Other actors have superhits but not cult ones like me!”

About good friend Rohit Shetty working with Shah Rukh Khan

“When Rohit Shetty made Chennai Express for SRK, he called me first!”

His equation with Shah Rukh Khan

“I met SRK in Bulgaria. I am not great friends with him because we don’t meet each other everyday but we are there for each other!”

On his perceived war with SRK

“Even if there was a problem, it’s only in people’s head and we have moved on from then!”

Son of Sardaar controversy

“I don’t regret anything. I didn’t have a war with SRK…it was a war between Jab Tak Hai Jaan andSon of Sardaar… If something like this happens again I’ll fight harder next time…”

Kajol – Aditya Chopra fight

“Kajol and Adi Chopra are fine with each other!”

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On his return to direction

“Today, when we direct films, more than making money it’s about doing it for ourselves!”

So what you felt about tonight’s show?