After Salman and Aamir Khan, Ranbir Kapoor to gain on weight for his next!

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Talking to a media gathering during a Tamasha event, Ranbir was asked about his preparations for the biopic and he said, “I will try to look like Sanjay Dutt in the film. I will put on a few kilos for the film.” Now, that’s understood. Ranbir has been a method actor. At a time when people did only safe films, he played a deaf and mute man in Barfi! breaking a lot of stereotypes. He was nothing short of a revelation. In fact, his character in Rockstar wasn’t of the regular sort where he plays a loverboy falling for the girl.

We are pretty sure when he gets to it, he will deliver!

But we hope the weight gain will be done in a healthy way since Salman and Aamir are already reeling under its effects. Aamir recently collapsed on the sets of Dangal while Salman spoke about being forever wounded due to the rigorous exercises for Sultan.

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