After Ban on Notes Sex Workers of Kolkata Have Earned 50 Lacs in Just 2 Days


Under PM Narendra Modi, soon after the demonitization of Rs 500/1000 notes, in one hand so many people who had kept unauthorised Indian Currency have thrown so many bags full of notes at the Ganga Ghaat, on the hother hand many sex workers in Kolkata have earned more than Rs 50 lacs in just 2 days.

Bharati, the meontor of Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee, a sex workers’ organization said, “Our girls have been asked to accept Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. But they are telling customers that they will not accept those after this week. Therefore there is a huge rush of customers, Although sex workers in top categories are facing no problem but those who take only Rs 300 to Rs 400 are facing great difficulty.”

As per survey sex workers in Kolkata earn just over Rs 5 lacs a day but after the demonitization, they are earning over 55 lacs in a matter of just 2 days.


They are bound to accept Rs 500 notes as they fear they will loose customers and the bank Usha multipurpose Bank has assured that their money will be in safe hands.

In one hand where other businesses are heavily affted, on the other hand Sex workers are earning huge sum of money.