Aamir Khan’s quotes on intolerance may put Dangal in trouble

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Aamir was even setting an example to many in the society by doing inspiring films! But all went down when he made this provocative remark about “leaving India” in his recent interview! I’m sure everyone must have read it all by now where Aamir has made obnoxious statements about the growing despondency in our country and why he thinks India might be an unsafe to live in for his child’s future!


Well, this was enough to spread negativity where people right from Twitter to political parties to Bollywood have bashed Aamir, left right and center! You wouldn’t believe but the BJP party workers have also resorted to burning Aamir’s movie posters in different parts of the country! And if that’s not all, many have even tweeted saying they are going to boycott Aamir’s films from now on! Does that mean Aamir’s Dangal is already in trouble?

Yes! We agree the shooting of Dangal is still underway and it’s releasing only in December, next year! But given that Aamir has received so much hate through this intolerance controversy, don’t you think he is actually losing out on major support from fans and Bollywood? Not to forget, Aamir has also spoken ill about religious protests, terror attacks and other communal issues! So we are really worried if all this ire will gang up against his much awaited film Dangal, when it hits the screens next year! What do you think?

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