A R Rahman supports Aamir Khan’s ‘intolerance’ remark, said he too suffered the same!

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At the ongoing NDFC Film Bazaar, although Rahman refused to comment on Aamir’s opinion by saying “Don’t pull me into trouble. But in addition to that, the ace composer-singer further spoke in lengths about how he relates to the growing intolerance in our country! He said, “ I had gone through something similar a couple of months ago. ” Where Rahman was referring to Mumbai-based Raza Academy’s fatwa against him after he composed the music for Iranian film ‘Muhammad: Messenger of God’, which alleged that the title was humiliating to the Prophet. During that time, chief ministers of Delhi and UP had cancelled his concerts at the last minute. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad was also quick to invite the Oscar award singer to “re-convert to Hinduism”, saying it was time for his “ghar wapsi”.


However, Rahman feels the protests that take place in our country is very poetic. He added, “Everything should be done classily and any kind of revolt should be classy. I think it is very poetic what people are doing rather than hitting each other. We should set an example to the whole world because we come from the land of Mahatma Gandhi. He has shown the whole world how the whole revolution can be brought by non-violence.”