A new ‘ABORTION’ drama in ‘Swarigini’


‘Colors’ channel viewers will see a new high tension drama coming soon on the popular tele serial ‘Swargini’.

Meanwhile there is a overdose in the current episodes and we are sure the viewers are enjoying a lot.

The new ‘abortion’ drama is like this: After listening about Sharmishtha’s pregnancy, Sujata will confront her and will tell her that she has committed a shameful job.

As per our close source to the sets of the show said, “While Sharmishtha will be left confused, her daughters’ Ragini and Swara will be extremely happy to hear the news. Hurt and deeply saddened by Sujata’s comments, Parineeta will decide to abort her unborn child. But, Ragini will reach the doctor’s clinic at the nick of moment and will stop her mother from taking a extreme step.”

This is clearly a very clever move by Ragini. Isn’t it?